Monday, December 6, 2010

Lead Foot #2: Curves Ahead

I didn't mean to get the speed limit sign in this shot. Frankly, I didn't even see it. Though it's cautioning my husband to drive at 40mph, I'm quite sure we were going much faster than this posted limit. Ol' lead foot isn't much for cautionary signs, it seems.

I nearly deleted the shot when I saw it. Who wants a road sign in there anyway?

Then, I looked at the warning of "curves ahead" and the ominous clouds in the sky and thought, Why not?

As I post this, I'm chuckling at the irony of this post today. The morning has been full of curves. A little more than a dusting of snow fell overnight making the roads, sidewalks, and wet hallways of the school a recipe for a disastrous fall (close, but caught myself). My first period of the day is a period in which I can get work done, so of course, I did nothing after school on Friday, figuring I would do it all first period. Nope. I'm covering a freshman class. (Thank God, they're honors and have work to complete. I can quick put this together.) I ran around before homeroom and got forty minutes of work done in about ten minutes.

What curves are going to be thrown at me next? I'm sure there are more to come. Murphy's Law dictates it.

Still, if you look at the picture, there's hope. See that stretch of blue sky? That pure, white cloud?

Just have to make it there and hope abounds that I will!

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  1. Awesome texture work! It's inspiring to see you take a snapshot and turn it into a work of art! Well done!