Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hear That Whistle Blow

"Leaving Town"

My husband loves trains. Many of the men (and women) in his family worked on the Lehigh Valley Railroad in a time when much of the area's industry and jobs depended on the railroad. I think he must have inherited a gene that makes railroads and trains one of his favorite pastimes. In fact, though it is currently being rebuilt, we have a permanent O gauge train layout in our basement.

I, too, love trains. When I was in fourth grade, we took a field trip to the Lancaster area. We gawked at the Amish and visited the Choo-Choo Barn in Strasburg. I fell in love. I found the Amish fascinating, and I decided that I wanted a train layout.

Little did I know that I'd someday have a layout in my basement!

Anyway, there are still numerous railroad tracks in the area, some relatively abandoned and some daily used. The set at the top of the page are behind one of the local banks. It's not often that you get to see a train on them, but it does occur occasionally. I had to make some cars and buildings disappear from this shot, and as I processed it, the cloudy texture made me think of all the steam being released from an engine as it pulls out of or into a station.

The picture below may be, to me, my crowning achievement so far, however. I think I may need to get out there and spend a little more time working on the railroad...

"Two Seasons Meet"

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  1. Amazing image Nichole! I love it!I too love grandfather worked on one and my great great uncle got his arm shot off by a deputy for "riding the rails". I love traveling by rail overseas and wish the USA had the same type of high-speed train travel. I would go everywhere!
    Something about the tracks, like your image suggest, that lead to a sense of adventure, of the unknown and that is always quite exciting!