Thursday, December 16, 2010

Big Red Building

How does one not notice a big red building?

My husband and I had went out to dinner last week. As we passed through town, I was looking out the window, looking at Christmas decorations and not really paying attention to much else. Then, I saw it. I've seen it before; I've known it was there, but I never really SAW it before.

Yet, there it was. The roof coated in a light dusting of snow. The sunset orange against the red bricks. Glorious.

Some sort of manufacturing building decades ago, it now sits predominantly dormant. There used to be a gym inside and, at one point, an indoor archery range. Now, nothing as far as I know.

Last Saturday, we stopped at the bank which is right in front of this ol' beauty. I came prepared:

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  1. Amazing...I love the color of that building. You turned it into a work of art!