Friday, November 26, 2010

Look Silly? Who Cares?!

I'm camera shy.

I realized it while I lay wide awake at 3:00 a.m. this morning. Well, in actuality, I realized it a while ago, but I really thought about it this morning.

I hate to be an obtrusive photographer. I don't like to make people feel awkward by constantly poking my camera in their faces. Moreso, I have always been shy about taking photographs when no one else is and of things no one else takes pictures of.

So at 3:00 this morning I was thinking that I can't be much of a photographer if I'm not willing to look silly for a couple of seconds. After all, isn't photography sometimes about showing the beauty of things that may be otherwise overlooked?

Yesterday was my first step in correcting that. While at my in-laws, I took pictures. Not just of the family members who had gathered. Oh no. I took pictures of things that I wanted to take pictures of!

The table before we sat down to eat.

A silk plant in the foyer.

My mother-in-law's doll collection.

The picture window in the dining room.

And the wine for the day's feast.

They're not perfect, not processed in any way. But I took them and didn't care a bit how strange I looked lining up the shot.

It's a start!


  1. Way to go! Soon, you won't even care if someone sees your butt crack while your bending over to shoot some dead weeds jutting out of a sidewalk,lol.

  2. Oh...and no, that didn't happen to me! *cough, cough* ;)

  3. Oh no...just an example, of course. (Averts eyes and whistles casually.)