Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Visit?

I have always been a vivid dreamer, and I have often wished that I could record my dreams and market them as movies. Some of them would make Avatar look like Ishtar, if I may be a bit sacreligious.

I have also had what I call "visitation" dreams. It has only happened three times previously where I've dreamed about someone who has passed away. In these dreams, that person has come back to visit me and share a message with me in some way. Usually they are messages of comfort, though I once dreamed of my husband's grandmother whom I never had the pleasure to meet. She gave me her blessing.

Last night, I had a visitation dream. Except the person in it is still alive. And now I'm feeling a little disconcerted and sad....


  1. I believe that if you have a visitation dream of someone who is alive, you both are astral travelling! So, that's not so sad, right? :)

    I've had three visitation dreams in my lifetime. They are very different from dreams and you definitely know when you have one. It's so funny Nichole because we are definitely kindrered spirits because I have very vivid dreams and they are usually these grand adventures. I keep a dream journal but have yet to put it into something, like photography or writing. Guess we should start doing that, eh? ;)

  2. Astral traveling is definitely not so sad! It just felt so much like a good-bye; I'm still a bit on edge.

    I used to try to keep a dream journal, but I found that it took forever to record the full scope of my dreams. Some of them were so long and so detailed! I find that I tend, now, to write down only the ones that I think I could turn into a piece of writing. They get added to that trusty notebook next to my bed!