Friday, November 11, 2011

Sometimes, You Just Have to Keep It...

The other day, I posted about my Creation Station.

At the core of this station is the sewing desk that my grandfather built for my grandmother. He built it specifically to house her White sewing machine. The top of the desk has a lid and is a flat surface. When you lift the lid, through a series of hinges and wires, the sewing machine rises from the center of the desk until it is in front of you and ready for use. When you're done sewing, you could tuck the machine away and use the top of the desk as a workspace.

Time to Sew

As I was setting up, I thought about what I was going to do with the sewing machine. I have never used it. It needs a new plug. I don't have the pedal to run least, I don't think I do. It's probably rusted through on all the moving parts.

And as I started moving the desk in place, I thought of all the wonderful uses for that space below the lid. I could use it for extra storage. I could convert it to an easel that pops out when you open the lid. All sorts of cool uses!

But then I looked at my grandmother's sewing machine. I had started to remove it. And I stopped. I can't do it. I can't get rid of it. It simply has to stay. It's the heart of my workspace, and who am I to remove it?


  1. I'm so glad you didn't get remove it! I have both my grandmother's 1940's Singer and my mother's 1960's singer and I use them more than my new one. You will find that you'll need to sew here and there when crafting but more than that, these older machines hold up so much better than what they make today. And, it's a GREAT memory of your grandparents to pass down to your own grandchildren. Who knows, maybe your first granddaughter will want to be a fashion designer! :)

  2. Big Smile! You made the right choice. I like that you called it the heart of the workspace. It will be another way to keep your grandmother close:)

  3. Nicolle, I vote for getting it fixed. I have the Singer that I learned to sew on in the early 50's. My Mom used to make all my clothes on it.

    It raised from beneath a cabinet just like yours. I only use it for sewing rips and things, but I love having it.

    I love your blog.