Sunday, November 13, 2011

iPhoneography Mission #11: Meet an Imaginary Friend.

I don't remember him, but my imaginary friend as a child was "Flintstone." He had his own place set for him at the table and beware to anyone who dared sit in his chair. I was around four years old.

This week's iPhoneography mission was a return to that time in our lives when what we imagine, to us, is what is real.

I had so many ideas as I approached this mission. Rigging up crayons to look like they were being held by invisible hands. Shadows of fairy creatures along the floor.

But then two things happened.

1. The work week reared its ugly head and I barely had time to breathe...let alone create the necessary contraptions for my musings.

2. I took this picture:

Will You Play With Me?

My little guy just sort of squatted down and stayed there for a couple minutes, like he was having a private conversation with someone only visible to his eyes. That's when a different inspiration struck. Rather than create a world of imaginary imaginary friends, I would capture his world.

Now, working with a three-year-old? It's a lesson in patience, creativity, and serendipity. In other words, he wasn't at all cooperative when it came to trying to get him to pose for the tableaus in my head. So I did end up relying very, very heavily upon serendipity to get through this mission...

Private Jokes

Like all things, even our childhood's imaginings have to come to an end. Eventually, my friend, Flintstone, gave way other other friends and pursuits. It's an inevitable rite of passage.

Must You Go?

It's all rather bittersweet...



  1. So sweet Nichole! I just love all of them. xo

  2. I just love your blog and I also love your iphone challenges. I don't remember ever having an imaginary friend.

    Your little boy is beautiful although he might prefer the word Handsome. :-)

  3. Laura, thank you! I wanted to do more, but my partner was a little less than cooperative! LOL

    Lana, thank you, too! He considers himself to be "cute" but I think he's beautiful, too!