Monday, October 24, 2011


There is nothing like finishing a project.

Well, there are many things like finishing a project, and all of them are awesome!!

I have been doing my barn images for a long time. And I've toyed with the idea of putting some of my favorites into a book. Heck, people have even asked me when I'm going to do it!

I kept putting it off. Partially because I'm a procrastinator. Partially because I didn't feel like I could ever get to that point where I felt like I was ready to put the book together.

But then it happened.

Hubby took me on a drive the other weekend. Just some back roads with the occasional barn. Roads that we've traveled before. But then I noticed there was a distinct direction in which he was traveling. And I noticed that he pointedly took a road that we normally do not take.

And then? There it was.

I have coveted this barn for months and months. It's on a little side road that we never, ever take. I always said something whenever we passed the intersection to this road, but Hubby never seemed to pick up the hint.

Until the other day. When he took me down the road. Just so I could get this picture.

I love him.

And I love this barn.

I processed it as soon as we got home because I just couldn't wait...

A Happy Thought of Yesteryear

As soon as it was finished, I knew that something else could be finished.

I've been planning a book of my barn images for a while, but I hadn't brought myself to the point of actually bringing it to fruition. I think, in hindsight, that I was just missing that definitive image that would tell me the book was done.

I've got that image.

And I've got that book. (Heck, now you can have that book too!!)

I feel so good tonight!!


  1. Yay!! I just bought mine! so excited to add it to my own blurb book collection!

  2. Thank you so much and on so many levels! Be sure to check out the front matter for a familiar name!! :)

  3. Huge congrats to you on the book. I KNEW you had a book in you :-) I will order mine tomorrow!! And thank you for your kind words today.


  4. Hooray hooray! Looks so beautiful and can't wait to get mine. Quelle inspiration!

  5. Thank you, Karen and Randa!!I appreciate the support so much!!!!