Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oh, October...

Perhaps I am a little biased. It is the month of my birthday, after all. But I love October. Adore it.

I love the colors of autumn as they sweep across the trees. The bold oranges and brilliant reds. And then I love the stark and barren trees after all the leaves have fallen. The sky is bluer in October...just before it starts turning that cold and eerie gray. Halloween brings its own joys. Costumes and scary movies and imaginations that go bump in the night.

Yes, I love October.

I love, too, that Hubby provided me with a couple of opportunities for photo safaris this month. We drove up to Mansfield University for Homecoming. Hubby and I both went to school at MU, and that's where we met. That's a silly story for another blog, though...

Then, this past weekend, the little guy had a cold, so we got him some fresh air at Tuscarora Lake, one of two lakes/parks in the area. He had a blast, and I snapped a billion pictures. (Well, maybe over a hundred, anyway...) After the lake, Hubby took us for a drive...for the sole purpose that I could shoot some drive-by pics. And he did something so amazingly sweet...but that, too, is a blog for another day!

So, I give you a taste of some of the shots from these two weekends. Some have been processed; some have not. And I'm still working on tons more...

Hubby played tuba in the Mountineer band. Thought this was a cool shot...

My attempt at being an action photographer. Ha ha!

The Pride of Pennsylvania!

My goofy little guy, pretending to freeze in a sweat-inducing sun!

The little guy standing and squinting under the "Kissing Tree". Legend has it that if you kiss your true love under this tree, you will be together forever. Hubby and I used to part ways under this tree before going to our respective classes. He'd always plant a light kiss on my forehead. Sealed our fate, I say! :)

My two favorite guys, heading down to the lake...

These "steps" were killer!

And now some processed images...

"The Christmas Barn in Autumn"

"Seasons Still Change"

"The Old Man and the Lake"

"Autumn Splendor"

What wonderful weekends we manage to have! Sometimes the week is so busy and stressful...It's nice to be able to surround ourselves with fond memories and nature's beauty at the end of those weeks...

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  1. I love all your texture work of course but I REALLY love that tuba cool. Sweet pic of your two guys too walking hand in hand. Can I get an "awwww!"? :)