Sunday, October 23, 2011

iPhoneography Mission #8

This week's iPhoneography mission was a silly one:

iPhoneography Mission #8: Notice the position of your feet.
I've actually taken pictures of my feet before. Not usually bare, as I never have a good pedicure. And from wearing dress shoes five days a week, well...blech.

Traditional shot of my now-retired comfy socks.

Now, for this week, I started by simply noticing my feet. How they were positioned. What positions I put them in the most. Things like that...

Chillaxing on the couch after a long day...


My standard and norm. This is how my feet are 90% of the time, I think!

Well, my feet started to bore me. Especially since they did tend to be in the same position all of the time. And because they are my feet and I deal with them every day.

About that time, my mom got my little guy his first pair of slippers. Well. That just opened up a whole new world of opportunities!

Keeping an eye on busy little feet

Sitting with Mommy

I think my favorite shot, though, was the one below. Just me. Just relaxed. Just as I like to be.

I'm looking forward, as always, to next week's challenge. The challenge I'm not looking forward to? Figuring out how to get my laptop to work outside of safe mode! I should take a picture of my feet now. They certainly don't look relaxed now!!!!!

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  1. Those slippers are adorable! I was less than enthused by this mission as well,lol. Still, we press on! :)