Friday, April 22, 2011


There is just something about being home. And there is just something about being home when you're sick.

Okay. So the being sick part stinks. Really, really stinks.

But the rest of it? Awesome! Staying in your comfiest jammies until after lunch. Lazing in bed with a laptop, PhotoShop, and Netflix. Purring cat snuggled up against your side. No responsibilities...except to your own health.

Sigh. A girl could get used to days like that.

Except, of course, for the unfortunate fact that I used up my last sick day. That's right. I must be healthy for the rest of the school year. I cannot stay home for any form of illness. If I contract leprosy, it's just too bad. I'm off to work.

This has been, by far, the unhealthiest (is that even a word?) year of my life! I have never, ever depleted all of my allotted sick days! Even my first year of teaching, notorious for causing havoc with one's immune system, wasn't this bad.

I blame my classroom. No windows. No ventilation. A heating/cooling system that's been in place for two years without having its filters cleaned. Germy students. Oh yeah, a veritable cesspool of bacteria and viruses and microbes. Ick!

And back to that festering atmosphere I shall return on Tuesday.

I need a stay-at-home job.

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  1. I so agree! Nothing like being home where you can comfort and heal your body and soul. Ye gads! I don't know how teachers stay well enough to teach one week of school let alone a whole school year! I hope you manage to feel better AND stay healthy the rest of the year. xo