Saturday, March 5, 2011

Old World Charm, Modern Luxuries

I seriously thought about making that swimming pool disappear. And quite honestly, it was pure laziness that kept me from doing it. Still, there's something about the contrast between old and new, rustic and modern.

There was a day when your swimming pool was the deep part of the nearest stream or, if you were lucky, a family pond. Those were the two places where I did my swimming growing up. Sure, the mud was squishy between your toes and the algae was stuck to your legs when you got out...but it was fun. And you didn't have to worry about the chemical balance or draining it in the winter.

There's something to be said for mother nature's luxuries, I think....

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  1. I swam in a place called The Sand Pit. It's still there, people still swim in it. It was a huge place, with an island in the middle where we had a bus and would camp out all summer with other family members who had RVs and such. There are so many memories there. One day I'll have to blog about it! Til then, I'll just enjoy your lovely image!