Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kindred Spirits

This is my paternal grandmother, Grandma Smith. Isn't she lovely? As a child, I knew her as "Grandma Up-the-Hill"; Grandma and Grandpa Smith lived at the top of a hill, whereas Grandma and Grandpa Wilcox lived at the bottom of a hill (Grandma Down-the-Hill).

I loved visiting Grandma Smith (still do, for that matter). She is one of those grandmothers who lives to spoil her grandchildren. If I had asked her to pull down the moon for me, she would have.

Her closet was my usual playground. I would spend hours playing dress-up and putting on shows for her. I loved getting into her jewelry, as well. She had a necklace that I was certain was real diamonds; I always wanted to wear that so I could feel like a rich lady.

For a while, I was into fashion design, and we would sit and draw outfit after outfit. In fact, I think Grandma got into it as much as I did. She would continue drawing after I had left. When I came to visit the next time, she would show me the new fashions she had designed. And you know what? She was good...really good at it!

I always looked forward to my visits with her, and I always thought it was just because she was so generous.

Now, as an adult, I have grown to realize that Grandma Smith and I are kindred spirits. I see so much of her in me.

We both have generous hearts. Too generous, quite honestly, as we sacrifice our own desires in order to please our loved ones. That's not a bad trait, certainly, but I think we should spoil ourselves more often...Grandma, especially.

We both traded bad relationships for good. Both of us were "dating" jerks before finding our chosen spouses.

We've both known the sorrow of losing children.

I sit here, thinking of her, and I realize that she is one of my best friends. For shouldn't your best friend be a kindred spirit in some way?

I think I'll go give her a call...


  1. I stumbled upon your blog through Shadowhouse and I hear a kindred spirit. Your grandmother is quite a lady and how lucky you are to have her in your life.

    I look forward to reading more about your journey and dreams.

  2. I LOVE this post! I feel the same way about my grandma (I called her Nanny as a child) too. She is where I get my joy of life and positivity from as well as my strength. I love the image you posted of your grandma and I love the names you had for them as a child. That is so cute and funny! She looks like she has the warmest heart.
    Thank you for sharing her with us just a little!