Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Doggone It!

I am really bad at updating this blog.

I see the link on my toolbar. I see it, and then my vision gets blurry. My eyes dart to the next link, a mindless waste of time, and I click that one.


It just seems like I would end up saying the same thing all the time. Or does it? I don't know...

In any case, I decided to blog today. And I'm going to try to blog again this month. I am, doggone it!!

We took a recent road trip out to Dayton, Ohio, to visit my brother-in-law. Instead of hopping on the turnpike, Hubby decided to extend the trip in order to have a little more scenery along the way. We drove up to Mansfield, Pennsylvania, where we went to college together, and then we drove across (mostly) Route 6 to Cleveland. We spent the night there and though we didn't have reservations, we were able to get an outstanding room with a view!

Check out this room! Top floor (15th). We were
agape when we opened the door.

A nice view of Cleveland

We couldn't see the game, but we could see the crowd at the
Indians's game.

Even the little guy got in on taking pictures
of the view!

Eventually, we finished our drive to Dayton. And I must say that although we took the turnpike on the way home, between our drive out and our drive back, I was able to snap pictures of dozens of barns. So excited!! Here are the first four images that I processed from the drive:

"In the Neighborhood"

"Show Me the Way to Go Home"


"A Red Barn in Passing"

There. I feel like I've been more productive. I still have tons of images to process, and I promise to try to post them here as I go through them. Note: that's promise to try. Ha ha!!


  1. Wow! What a view in that room! And I love your barn images especially the red barn in passing. Amazing texture work! I look forward to more! No pressure,lol.

  2. Thank you for taking us on your road trip. I couldn't believe you had a hotel room without carpet. I love that idea.
    A Red Barn in Passing was my favorite too.