Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Challenge Me This, Challenge Me That

It's pretty obvious that tending to this blog is a challenge for me. (So is tending to plants which is why I have none, but that's another story...)

In any case, in an attempt to try to do better, I am borrowing from another blogger. On the blog "Oh So Lovely", Sherry challenged herself (and her followers) to a 30-Day photography challenge. I stumbled across it and decided, "Better late than never!!"

I should have blogged yesterday. Didn't. So here are my first two contributions to the challenge. I don't know that I'll actually post every single day. Would that drive you batty? We'll see...

In any case, day one was the dreaded self portrait. Thanks to a good face day and the magic of processing, I came up with this vintage shot:

Are you lookin' at me? Are you. Lookin'. At. Me?

Day two is today, and the prompt is "What I Wore". Well, I felt it awkward to photograph my chest since what I wanted to show was the t-shirt I chose for the day:

Go Mounties!

I'm looking forward to tackling each day of this. I've decided to only use my iPhone; that way, it can just be a quick burst of creativity to add to my day!

What little bits of creativity are you squeezing in?

1 comment:

  1. Great iPhone challenge! Love the selfie! I've got too much going on to squeeze another challenge in but I'll be rooting you on until the finish! and posting every day wouldn't drive me batty at all!