Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Challenges are Challenging

I can't seem to turn my hand over for anything creative.

My friend, Laura, and I had a discussion about creativity and its continual ebb and flow. Each of us hit stages where we are creative machines, cranking out creative endeavors like it's our jobs!

And then the  inevitable moment when creative drives ebb away. It seems that we tend to ebb and flow against each other...

...I am definitely on an ebb.

I finished a mixed media piece that, I guess, wiped me out. I have no inspiration to do another one of those right now.

I have a ton of photos to process, but when I open my folder to look at all those unprocessed images, I yawn.

Even this photo challenge seems...challenging.

I just don't want to do anything. Sigh.

But I do have two new pictures to add to the challenge, although you'll see that I did phone it in on one of them...

Day 6: Childhood Memory

A Little Girl's Favorite Sleuth

When I was in second grade, I was allowed to go to the 3-6 grade library. Instead of picture books, it was filled with chapter books, pages after pages of adventures that went beyond learning about colors, shapes, and nursery rhymes. I remember my eyes widening in awe when the librarian took me there to look around. And thank you, Mrs. Richards, for taking me straight to your favorite section: Nancy Drew. She filled my childhood with adventure and escape, and she forged no small part of who I am today...

Days 7 and 8: Something New and Technology

Using Something Old to See Something New

My much beloved and much abused laptop is kaput. Well, not entirely or I wouldn't be typing this. But when I opened it up the other morning, I heard a horrible Crack! and gasped in horror as I saw the side of the monitor split open and the hinges pop open.


So I have a new laptop on its way. And I type away on my old one, feeling glum. This laptop has been a dear friend to me. I have poured a great deal of myself into different projects via this laptop. My first book of short stories was typed on this laptop. My first book of barn photography was published on this laptop. Countless images were processed and uploaded on this laptop.

Wow. I am really glum over this.

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  1. For once, we are ebbing together!LOL! I'm sure we will both find our way to the flow again. Your poor laptop. :( Now, you'll need to type NEW stories and process NEW pictures on the NEW laptop. When you feel like it of course,lol.