Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bringing Books to Life!

My little guy has been going to Story Hour at the public library for a little while now. They host it three or four times a year for several weeks at a time, and he loves it. My mom just got a library card, so she has been having him check out a new book every week. Well, though he has other favorite characters, every book that he has brought home has been a Curious George book.
The current one inspired me and we had a night dedicated to the book and to actively engaging in it...
Curious George and the Pizza Party
In the story, George gets invited to a pizza party, creates a mess, but still has a great time. After reading it for the ninth or tenth time, I asked the little guy if he wanted to have a pizza party. Did he?! Boy, did he ever!
So, we went shopping for ingredients today, and for dinner tonight, we made pizza. I made one for Hubby and I (admittedly to be on the safe side); and then we went to town making pizzas for the little guy!
In the story, they end up making pizzas of different shapes, so the little guy made four differently shaped pizzas: a triangle, a rectangle, a house, and Curious George's head (the last two inspired by the pizza shapes in the story).
Rolling out the dough takes concentration.
Slopping on the sauce!
Adding the cheese takes special concentration.
The finished products!
Half done already! "Mommy, this is the best pizza ever!"
And a certain someone is thinking that he has a future
career as a chef! He cleaned up his plate and had seconds!
We had such a blast! He couldn't wait to help make the pizza and insisted on doing everything that he could all by his big boy self. Then, while the pizza baked, we read the story and talked about how yummy his pizza was going to taste.
It was just so much fun. I wonder how we can make the next book come alive!!!



  1. That is so awesome! He has the best mommy ever. xo

  2. Aw, thank you! Just thought we should have some literary fun!