Saturday, September 8, 2012

(Insert Scream Here)

I am so stressed out!!!
There. I feel a little better. Sometimes you just need to release a primal scream in order to feel better, you know? And it's Saturday, so that goes a long way to feeling a sense of relief. Partly because I get to be creative today! Of course, I have have spent my time so far posting images and trying to catch up with the work of my creative colleagues. I WILL be creating again soon as I finish this post!
Since I have been feeling stressed, I decided that I should post images that relieve that stress. To that end, here is a brief respite into a land called Breathe...

"A Spot to Breathe"

"Where Dreams May Come"
There. I feel even better!
What makes you feel better when you're stressed and overwhelmed?

1 comment:

  1. I am feeling your pain! OMG. Gorgeous pics. Can I just sit there for a while? I get home from vacation to a hubby that has decided to have elective surgery, a cat that escaped a torn screen enclosure, a mother whose email was hacked and a neighbor who wants a portrait shoot. And, I want to blog and post pics instead! Ahhh...I need another vacation,lol.