Sunday, August 5, 2012

An iPhone Adventure at the Family Pond

Yesterday, my little family took a trip northward to visit my grandparents and parents. Part of our trip was spent at the family pond, one of my top five favorite places ever. Any time spent there just isn't enough. I need to spend hours and hours and hours....


But I did make it a point while there--and while making sure my little guy didn't fall in--of taking tons of iPhone shots. I was dismayed to find that my Hipstamatic app kept rolling into lens and films that I didn't want to use, but some of the results were still cool so I won't complain. Much.

On our way up to the pond

The neighboring farms

Cresting the hill

The Family Pond

Wade on in

In the days of our youth

Rest stop

On over the mountain

Reflecting Pool

Hiking out

See the face?

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Huck Finn Fishing


Dainty Dragonfly

My Happy Place

I could have stayed there forever...


  1. Looks like your little guy had a fabulous and very busy day. Great shots!

  2. What a beautifully serene place. Nick is a cute little Huck Finn! I just love "Wading on In". That is beautiful...and of course your little toesies are cute with the polka-dotted polish. ;-)