Sunday, May 20, 2012


Sometimes, it's just not my turn to be creative.

I have been decidedly absent from creative endeavors (with the exception of one which I shall post about at a later date). It's not from lack of desire or motivation, but I have given over my creative pursuits to those of my students.

My day job is that of a teacher, and one of my classes is creative writing. My students are on the cusp of publishing a collection of horror stories, and it has been my job to compile and edit their work.

That is a task in and of itself! Making sure that every one's name is spelled correctly, that every one's story is edited, that everything is school appropriate...


So, here is a sneak peak of the cover, and then I am off to do the final edit and hopefully get everything posted today.



  1. This sounds like an awesome project and that cover design is just delightfully creepy! Hope you will share more with us!

  2. Your students are lucky to have a teacher with such creativity.

  3. I think this is just the coolest thing! You are probably starting someone on a life-long career as a published novelist. Teachers really do inspire and change lives. They are lucky to have you and I'm sure you are super proud of them.

  4. Thank you, everyone!

    This is my pet project (nearly) every year. This year I had some truly superb writers. There are a couple stories in there that are just amazing!

    For their final project, they have to start the process of writing a novel. I can say without hesitation that a couple of them need to commit to finishing. I'm hooked!!