Sunday, May 27, 2012

Look to the Skies

I seem to have a new obsession with the sky. I have processed several images over the past week or two, and the majority of them have feartured the sky as the primary subject. Does this fascination mean something? Perhaps. Perhaps it simply means that the sky makes a lovely backdrop to all things textured...

I'll let you decide.

A Dream of Birds

Above it All




Upward Sent

What is inspiring you these days? What fascination do you keep returning to?


  1. Awesome images Nichole. I love "Printemps" so much. Perhaps the fascination lately with the sky has to do with the fact that when one looks at it, they feel a sense of calm. Unless of course it's that dreaded green tornado sky!

  2. I was expecting a tornado sky last night! The storm we had!!

    "Printemps" is one of my best-received images, and one of my new favorites. I'm so glad you like it!!

  3. I like your new blog layout.

    I have always been fascinated by the sky. I agree with Laura. It has a calming effect.

  4. Thank you, Alex!

    There is something about the color blue, those slow drifting clouds...very peaceful!

  5. Hi Nicole. This has NOTHING to do with your post but the recent news headline made me think of you. It looks like the Zombie apocalypse may be on its way. You and Laura better get ready to head to Madagascar. My daughter says it would be the safest according to her mock game :)

  6. It seems that everyone has been thinking of me with that headline! Ha ha!! I'm not sure whether to be thrilled or embarrassed! (snicker)

    We're actually heading to Florida this summer. Guess I'd better travel with my zombie plan!

    And if your daughter is playing a game involving zombies, she is AWESOME!!!