Sunday, September 4, 2011

After the Exploration

Once you start something that you find pleasurable, it's hard to stop!!

The other day, I participated in an iPhoneography mission. The mission was to "Visit a farm and explore a worn path." I posted those results previously...

...but I didn't post everything. After I left my chosen path, I kept snapping pictures because, quite frankly, I was just having so much fun!! Here are the pictures that I took after my mission had officially ended:

Did I climb this gate to get to my worn path?

Why, yes...yes, I did climb it. Twice.

My captive audience. They were a little put out that I had free reign to explore...

Some of the girls...

Returning to the farm...

One of the pieces of necessary farm equipment. I just liked how it looked...

Fuzzy trees and cloudy skies


Ahhh....I needed that!

This week's iPhoneography mission? "Minimize the horizon." Hmm...I love that these missions provide me with a new challenge...and i think that this will definitely be a challenge!! Woohoo!!

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  1. Awesome! I love love love the one of the wheels! Mission impossible? Why, I think not! :)