Monday, July 25, 2011

We Still Have a Cat?

With the hustle and bustle of having a toddler, our first baby tends to get pushed by the wayside. Poor guy!

This is Schroeder. I should point out that he spent his first couple of days with us as a Nadia. The guy at the pet store assured us that he was a she, a fact that the vet quickly corrected.

We had initially planned on rescuing a kitty from the shelter and were merely browsing at the pet store. Schroeder was in the cage with an older cat who wanted nothing to do with the rambunctious kitten. I played with the little guy through the bars for a couple of minutes, enjoying his sweet antics. When I stood up to leave, he climbed the bars like they were a ladder, batting his paw through the top of the cage.

I couldn't get him out of my mind. In fact, two days later, I convinced (and it didn't take much) my husband to return to the store in order to see if the kitten were still there.

He was and was just as cute as I remembered him. I felt like he remembered me and was begging me to take him home. Still, I was indecisive.

Until I saw the family with two devilish looking little boys come in. They looked at my cat (for then he was mine in my heart) and said, "That one!"

They were the types of boys who tie paper bags to a cat's feet and tin cans to its tale. I just knew it.

So I raced to the guy at the counter, demanded my cat be released from the cage and turned over to my custody!

And now he's been a part of the family for eleven years. He plays second fiddle more times than he deserves, but I still love him so.


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  1. I love him! What a handsome fella and such a great name. I was like that too..the pet store was so busy and while I was waiting for Charlie to get there I was telling everyone who looked at Sookie that she was mine and I was taking her home,lol. I think they choose us actually! Give your boy some extra summer love! xo