Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hubby and I stepped further into the 21st century by purchasing iPhones. I have to admit. I am a sucker for new technology. Especially when it is fun. And oh, yes....this is fun.

One of the areas that I'm enjoying exploring is all the "Apps" that you can get. I have a grocery list, a Kindle, TMZ, and even a zombie scanner (because you just never know...).

I excited to further explore the photography apps. Some of them are silly and lame, especially compared to what I can do with Photoshop. But some offer neat little processings that offer a different style and approach that I'm eager to play with.

Since I'm looking particularly human today, I decided to play with a couple of selfies in the muted, morning light of my bedroom.

My favorite is what I'm calling an "abstract self-portrait." Quite frankly, between you and me, it was a matter of hitting the photo button while I was still moving my phone into place. BUT that'll remain our little secret. Okay? Okay.


Fun, right? I have some more ideas for this fun little app. And I'm eying up that Hipstamatic app, too! I have some ideas tucked under my hat for a future series....if I can only find the notepad where I wrote the original idea down...


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  1. Love the selfies! Especially twisted which is wicked cool! I LOVE the Hipstamatic...I have all of the packages. I can't wait until December when I can upgrade to the iphone4 which has a better camera! Have fun with your apps and email me your cell so we can text and send pics to each other! :)