Friday, August 19, 2016

In Grandma's Words: Part Three

Her Childhood Home

Beech Flats in the 1800s courtesy Joyce Tice's Canton Website

Her Earliest Memory of Home:

I was two years old when we moved from N.C. to Penn. and I remember going up the attic stair steps to where mom and Lola were putting some things up there. Mom yelled at me. Guess that's why I remember. I had fallen in the fireplace and burn't my leg & head in N.C.

Her Childhood Bedroom:

I shared it with four other sisters and sometimes little brothers. We had only 4 bedrooms with all those kids. I don't know how many were married by then.

Her Favorite Hiding Place:

We had a big attic. I cleaned out a part of that and fixed an old table and chair. I took some plants up there. I enjoyed it up there.

The Yard I Played In:

The yard I played in never had any grass growing because there were so many kids playing there. All the neighborhood kids were there nearly every day. Some would even walk clear over from Grover to play ball with my brothers and we girls played too. Lots of fun. Then we all grew up. Mom had lots of flowers later. We had two big pine trees in front and lots of maple ones on each side of the house. We had two pear trees and some purple plums out back.

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