Sunday, April 28, 2013

True Gifts

Five years. Where the heck does that time go?
My little guy turns five on Monday, so we had his fifth birthday party yesterday. When it was time to start planning, I asked him what kind of party he wanted. I figured he would say Toy Story because that was his favorite at that time, but he surprised me with the fact that he wanted a pirate party. A pirate party? Awesome!!
So I started planning, and thanks to Pinterest, I got a little silly and theme oriented. I tried not to go too overboard, but I did have some fun!
First up, some themed decor. Black tablecloth, pirate banner, and the little guy's Jake and the Neverland Pirates toys as backdrop!
Then, of course, there has to be pirate food! That's probably where, if I went overboard at all, I went overboard the most. Why? Because everything had a pirate-themed name. And I labeled it. Yes, I did. And I had so much fun figuring out what to call everything! From the "Yo Ho Hoagies" to the "Scurvy Dogs" to the "Quicksand Dip" and "Polly's Crackers"! Tee hee!!
Fit for a buccaneer!
And then the cake. A cake decorator, I am not. The translation from my brain to the actual cake never quite turns out...But the little guy loved it and helped me decorate it. So in the end, I was thrilled.
Captain Hook searches for treasure
On your mark...Get set...
BLOW! (I hope every one of his wishes is granted.)
The most important aspect of the day? Not the theme or the food or the cake.
We are so very blessed to have such a strong and loving family. There is no better gift that I can give the little guy. To have that foundation of love, those examples of love and strength. It is all so very important. All that love will carry him through whatever life throws at him. From his family he will learn to love, to care, to support, to lean, to laugh.
What more can I give him?
A strong foundation: Over fifty years of love
Grandparents who still hold hands
A Gram who isn't afraid to be silly
Sibling solidarity
Aunts and Uncles who get down on the floor to play
A sweet cousin to be his forever friend
Seriously goofy parents
In the end, more than toys and parties and themed foods, what more can I give him? Family and love are the most important gifts in his life.
And he is very blessed with those gifts.



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