Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wait a Minute...I Have a Blog?!

Yes, yes...I know. It has been a long time. A very long time.

Everything has been and has felt so busy lately. As I go through my daily Internet routine in the morning, I look at the little blog icon and sigh. It just felt like one more chore.

Quite a bit has felt like one more chore lately. 2012 has not been very kind thus far. I'm trying to remember that I believe things happen for a reason, but that old cliche has been tested quite a bit this year.

So, if you'll forgive me, I might be absent from this blog from time to time. I'm trying to be creative and post pretty pictures and all sorts of other things that I should be blogging about, but until some current issues get taken care of, I'm probably going to continue to be largely absent.

I think that I just don't want to write about life just now...

"Storms Will Pass"


  1. Life can be demanding with an in your face attitude. Do the best with what you have. I would say just take things day by day but it sounds like this is a minute by minute plan.

    I hope things settle back down for you soon.

  2. The image is a great reminder that things will and do get better.(and it's a gorgeous image at that!) Just hang in there and know that all of us will be right here when you do get back to your blog. xo